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Rebooting the Workplace

For months, working remotely due to COVID-19 has been the safest option for office workers as guided by the government. Now, as many businesses are slowly getting ready for the ‘new normal’ of workplace distancing, to ensure the safety of all workers, safety measures must be in place. This ‘new normal’ requires us to change […]

To Open the Office or Not to Open the Office

Businesses are starting to reopen as we continue to overcome this pandemic, however, some workplaces are choosing to stay closed. Are you having trouble deciding if you should reopen or not? This decision can be overwhelming. Here is some information that can help you choose between the two options by  The Office Shop team. Option […]

You Need a Personalized Home Office – Here’s Why

As COVID-19 precautions are extended, most companies have accepted that employees will be working from home indefinitely.  This means that your make-shift home office is now becoming your long-term workspace, so it needs to be a place that allows you to be productive, comfortable and focused. We do more than just provide top-of-the-line office equipment […]

Must Have Office Lighting Trends for 2020

This just in – office lighting doesn’t have to be boring! Office lighting trends for 2020 offer a solution for every office. From large corporate environments to boutique office spaces, everyone can embrace style and great design in addition to flexible, quality, ergonomic office lighting throughout the workplace. Today’s office lighting choices suit every workplace […]

How to improve the health of your employees with office lighting.

Is your office lighting hurting your employees? Most people spend a large portion of their day at work, typically seven to ten hours a day every week and often on weekends. We know that workplaces need to have the right furniture for comfort and efficiency, and properly circulated air for health and safety. But what […]

Office Design Trends of 2019

As the office environment continues to evolve adapting to new design trends, emerging technology and generation gaps in the workplace we are able to see some of the leading trends that influence the way we work today. These trends are driven to help improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace by creating spaces that provide […]


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What Makes a Cool Office?

What Makes a Cool Office? For many of us, an office is more than four walls, a desk and a coffee machine. With the boom of start up companies, the office space has become increasingly more important. The workplace is a space for ideas to be created and followed out. It is a space for […]

Standing Desk

A big new trend in office furniture has been the sit & stand desk. This is a desk where you may adjust the height of your desk. This type of desk may come in a manual style or electric. This style desk is quickly sweeping the nation. It is helpful for people with disabilities as […]

Form and Function: Boardroom Tables

Form and Function: Boardroom Tables When it comes to purchasing any furniture, the question that comes to mind is “form or function?”. Whether it is a couch for your house or a boardroom table for your office, it is important that the piece has great form and is functional. When it comes to commercial furniture, […]


The Office Shop continues to stay open as we have been recognized as an Essential Workplace and we are committed to supply essential businesses within Ontario with the upmost professionalism, excellence and safety. Our Sales support team and Office design team are here for you! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’re in together. Take care of yourselves and each other!