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Must Have Office Lighting Trends for 2020

Mar 25 2020
Must Have Office Lighting Trends for 2020

This just in – office lighting doesn’t have to be boring! Office lighting trends for 2020 offer a solution for every office. From large corporate environments to boutique office spaces, everyone can embrace style and great design in addition to flexible, quality, ergonomic office lighting throughout the workplace. Today’s office lighting choices suit every workplace and every office design, whether you are embracing a traditional, heritage-inspired style or minimalistic look that emphasizes simplicity and clean lines.

General office lighting design trends: Ergonomic, flexible and energy efficient

  1. Lighting ergonomics: Today’s businesses and organizations recognize that people are their most important asset. Research shows that ergonomic office lighting has a positive impact on an employee’s wellbeing, focus and productivity at work. As a result, office lighting today is no longer just about lighting up a space. It’s about lighting that creates a welcoming, comfortable space that’s good for health as well as doing a task.
  2. Flexible and control: This leads to a second general trend. Workplaces today require flexible lighting systems that support the nature of the modern office. Need to set up a workstation? You’ll want lighting that can quickly be adjusted to suit the task at hand. Sharing a workspace? Different tasks require different kinds of lighting to prevent glare or eye strain.

Flexible office lighting requires better lighting control. Lighting needs to adapt to individual preferences, which change during the course of the workday. To enable more control, we’re seeing smart added features, such as sensors, dimmers or networkable LEDs that make it possible to design a single luminaire with multiple functions.

Gathering together for a team meeting? Maybe it’s time to dim the lights to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Converting an open space into a presentation area? Now it’s time to turn the lights off. Setting up a new work area? Lighting may have to be adjusted to accommodate hand held devices and tablets.

  1. Energy efficient lighting: Saving energy continues to impact all office environments. We’ve seen LED lighting replace incandescent bulbs. LEDs use as little as 10% of the energy and last up to 60 times longer than incandescent. Combined with today’s smart controls, the use of these new LEDs makes energy consumption even lower.

What are the inspirational office lighting trends for 2020

In addition to general trends, today’s well designed office environment can take advantage of some of these great lighting design trends for 2020.

  1. No rules with LED linear lighting

The advancements in LED technology mentioned above has allowed for more creative fixture designs, such as LED linear lighting. You’ll hear it referred to organic lighting because it is “organic” in its shape and variety.

LED linear lighting can be installed on walls and ceilings, or link both together. Whether suspended or recessed, LED linear lighting means that design potential is unlimited. Use them to create any pattern or path, not just the grid patterns of the past! Zigzags, waves pattern, geometric, and asymmetrical designs – whatever your imagination wants. Linear lighting gives any office environment true personality!

Globe & Mail: Slack Toronto Office

Photo credit: Globe & Mail: Slack Toronto Office

  1. Office lighting that looks great lights on or off

What does your office space look like with the lights off? Office lighting has transcended just function. Simplicity and modern style are the main component for designers of interior design trends 2020. But keep in mind, these are office lighting solutions that also look good both turned on and turned off!

Soft gold and metallic finishes

Metallics have been on trend for a few years. 2020 is no exception. The latest in metallic lighting finishings for 2020 is all about soft gold. Soft gold falls between brushed silver and brushed gold, with a soft matte finish. It’s a trend that fits perfectly with lighting ergonomics, which emphasizes the role of lighting in bringing warmth and comfort into any space.

Think about where you might add some soft gold to your décor. Tubular or task lighting in soft gold provides a calm, welcoming feel to today’s office. The colour also blends in with a wide variety of décor, from art deco, industrial, modern urban to classic, contemporary and heritage.

  1. Task lighting for every office need and situation

Task lighting is having a big moment in 2020. This is particularly the case when research into ergonomic lighting has demonstrated how the right light for the right space—with individual controls—increases employee satisfaction and engagement. Office lighting designers take note! There are some great task lighting designs to choose from, ranging from sleek, minimalistic designs to art-deco inspired varieties and Edison-styled.

Well-designed task lights have on-off controls within easy reach of the individual, and often come with optional extras such as a USB port. The individual can adjust the projection of the light (to reduce glare on the monitor screen and the surface; and because bulbs are LED’s, the light stays cool to the touch. Check out these task lighting beauties from Humanscale.

Humanscale Task Lighting

Photo credit: Humanscale

  1. Tubular lighting surface mounted or suspended

Looking for one of the most adaptable office lighting solutions? Tubular lighting can be blended with almost any decor style in office design. Tubular lighting quickly transforms a space from bland, to interesting and inviting. LED tubular lights can be the perfect inclusion for a new build interior. They can also bring big changes as a retrofit solution.

Either surface mounted tubular luminaires or surface or suspended tubular lighting features, both are predicted to grow even more in popularity.

  1. Does your office lighting support your company brand and culture?

Think of an office you’ve been in where there’s fabulous geometric lighting on the wall or a spectacular Sputnik style overhead light in a board room.

Businesses today want to stand out from the crowd, and find new ways to set themselves apart. Branding office space through office design can be done with “architectural lighting”, used as accent lighting, backlighting and/or direct lighting.

Planning for office lighting trends? Call an Office Shop expert

Designing office spaces for the right lighting today is not easy to do. Companies are increasingly complex in terms of the different ways they function and operate. Technology advances are making “smart lighting” an integral part of lighting planning. And office lighting ergonomics continues to be a major factor in workplace design.

Knowing what office lighting is available, what technology is coming on stream, where savings can be gained, and where to invest in new lighting systems, is a multi-faceted project. You may not be able to incorporate smart lighting this year, but what are the first steps?

An expert from The Office Shop can assess your specific needs and make office lighting solution recommendations, including the most appropriate energy efficient lighting design, task lamp options, clever design ideas, and technology upgrades.

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