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Office Design Trends of 2019

Mar 22 2019
Office Design Trends of 2019

As the office environment continues to evolve adapting to new design trends, emerging technology and generation gaps in the workplace we are able to see some of the leading trends that influence the way we work today. These trends are driven to help improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace by creating spaces that provide a greater sense of well-being and wellness that help users adapt to stress, reduce absenteeism and improve overall happiness.

With office design playing such an integral role in the success of today’s businesses we thought we would publish a few of the top trends forecasted for 2019 that we feel are most prominent.

This year’s trends
• Health and Well-being
• Experience Driven Spaces
• Biophilic Design

Health and Well-being has become one of the top leading trends that is driven by the introduction of hyper-competitive workplace environments to help attract and retain top talent, help users adapt to stress, reduce absenteeism and improve overall happiness. Employees who feel their company is doing all they can to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle will be more engaged, productive and loyal to their organization.

Well-being in the workplace now often consists of having a choice of where you work. Different working styles along with a varied of job tasks makes it hard to find just one type of workspace that works best for everyone. Some enjoy quiet, private work spaces while others may prefer to stand or be surrounded by others in a collaborative environment. Designing ‘neighborhoods’ of smaller spaces or zones within the office environment allow workers to move to a more quiet or collaborative space to complete specific tasks. These spaces also known as activity-based working includes an array of furniture such as; sit stand desks, private and open work spaces, telephone booths and multi-use meeting areas that help employees adapt to their environment and reduces overall environmental stress.


Experience-Driven Spaces are highlighted by employee-focused and specialized enhancements aimed at developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community-building, and boosting morale. These spaces include anything from dynamic receptions and lobby spaces, work lounges, game rooms, meditation areas, espresso bars and activity spaces. Biophilic design elements such as green walls, plants and greenery are one example of an experience driven space that can leave a lasting impression for visitors, clients and guest.

Cafeteria-style work lounges are another effective space that exposes employees to sensory stimuli needed to boost morale and improve employee engagement at work. From having your lunch, to simply taking a mental break from the task at hand, a cafeteria can be leveraged as a multi-purpose space to feed your staff as well as promote their individual well-being. These spaces should prioritize the experience at work by including a variety of seating options such as; bar and counter height tables, banquet seating and lounge areas.


Biophilic Design influences are now becoming a part of the philosophy and standard of design practices making it more than just a trend. These influences include elements such as; natural lighting, materials, biomorphic forms, thermal comfort, visual connections with nature along with WELL and LEED certifications, all of which are designed to help improve individual health and wellbeing.

The incorporation of plants in the office, green branding and biophilic design elements are also now used to define a cooperation’s cultural identity. Natural materials, plants, greenery, moss walls, and sustainable furniture are just some of the ways businesses are incorporating biophilic design to improve health and well-being and to build cooperate branding. Benefits of incorporating green design elements include; reduced stress, improved thermal comfort and air quality, reduced absenteeism, greater sense of well-being, worker health and employee happiness.


Health and well-being, experience driven spaces and biophilic design are leading trends that are driving change in today’s workplace and influence the way we work. Visit our showroom and chat with one of our sales reps to learn more about how you can incorporate some of these trends in your workplace to help improve your business’s overall success.

By Natasha Jardine


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