Trends in Office Furniture

Posted: August 5, 2013   Category: Design Center

Trends in Office Furniture

Quality Products and Furniture:

In past years, companies often thought that office furniture was easy to skimp out on. However, more recently companies have looked toward quality and durable products. For example, wooden desks have immensely gone up in popularity. Not only do they have a nicer appearance than laminate but they are more durable in the long run. For wood options check out Global Contract, Foundations.

Eco Friendly

It is no surprise that many companies are attempting to go green recently. In fact, many manufacturers are as well. A large percentage of office furniture today is created with low chemical emissions and made from recyclable material. This makes for better and cleaner air quality in the work space. For more information on going Green, check out our blog on being Eco Friendly.



In Today’s modern office there is a decreasing feeling of hierarchy. You hardly ever see high panels or cubicles. There is a large focus on benching and open spaces. There has also been a growth in versatile spaces. For example, in a smaller office, the common room / lunch room can also be used as a boardroom. A room with seating and a table can function as both!

Comfortable Seating Everywhere

Similarly to the above paragraph, it is important to fill your office space with comfortable and versatile seating options. As we mentioned above the office has become an extension of every employee. For a comfortable seating guide, check out our blog on ergonomic seating!

Trend Tip

Modular office furniture has become increasingly popular this summer. Modular furniture can transform into different styles. A great option to look at is the Nex collection by Groupe Lacasse. It is very stylish and affordable!


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