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What Makes a Cool Office?

Aug 17 2014
What Makes a Cool Office?

What Makes a Cool Office?

For many of us, an office is more than four walls, a desk and a coffee machine.

With the boom of start up companies, the office space has become increasingly more important. The workplace is a space for ideas to be created and followed out. It is a space for interested and collaboration. So it should come as no surprise that design has been sweeping through the halls of every type of business.

Modern is out – Raw is in

The urban-rustic movement has been quickly taking over the design world. “Now we have the strangest thing in the world happening, where developers are being forced to spend outrageous amounts of money to rip out all this expensive-material wall and ceiling, so it can go back to looking cheap,” says Freedman. “The initial part of that was that start-ups took offices that no one else wanted. But they made that space into something cool.”

It is as if the employees of these start up companies are literally building the company from the ground up. Not only are these companies being built off simple ideas, but the actual furniture in the offices are being built by the employees themselves. It is truly as if we are going back to a simpler time. It is interesting to see how this type of design is popular both among commercial design but also residential design.

Creative and Collaborative Spaces

The cubicle is almost totally out of style. More recently, companies try to create a more open atmosphere by using a benching style. Benching is often one or two long tables with approximately 4 or 6 people sitting around it. in most cases the spaces are divided by glass or low shelving.

Even more recently, businesses have been trying to remove desks almost completely. Now you can often see large open spaces with seating, and nooks for personal use or quiet time. Some see this as problematic because there is no designated workspace.

Do it Yourself… or Not

If you’re office is looking to create their own raw looking furniture there are many DIY blogs to check out. But if you’re looking to purchase some vintage or recycled furniture pieces check out The District Eight Collection is perfect for any office and any budget.

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