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Time to Gear Up, Ontario Businesses Start to Re-Open!

Time to Gear Up, Ontario Businesses Start to Re-Open!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an extensive impact on many businesses.

It has been almost over two months of business closures all over the world. Government officials are beginning to discuss opening up our economy; Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced a three-stage plan to slowly reopen businesses in Ontario once the province is at the “restart” phase.

His plan was partly unveiled during a recent daily update: First, those businesses which can immediately meet or modify to fit the public health guidelines may reopen through curbside pick-up or delivery. Next, more workplaces will begin to open based on the assessment of risk. Finally, in stage three, all workplaces will be responsibly reopened. He has even already announced a few workplaces that will open in mere days.  In accordance with his three-step plan and public health guidelines, Doug Ford also mentioned that it is imperative for companies to be prepared to protect their workers and their customers with Safeguard products. There are currently 60 guidelines in place which businesses must adhere to in ensuring the safety of the people of Ontario.

The Office Shop is proud to provide assistance and solutions to properly observe these guidelines by public health Ontario. We want to help you create a safe environment by providing your office space with the best protection, which is why we would like to introduce: Wellness Products.  To shield employees in contact with the public, ask us about our Wellness Screens. These clear acrylic guards are easy to clean and prevent the spread of viruses in receptions, open concept offices, and even point of sale areas.

 Wellness Screens.

As this will be our new normal, it is crucial to stay ahead of the game using our Wellness Solutions. The Office Shop can provide healthcare offices with Linking Panels, best used for healthcare and acute care situations.  These monolithic thermal fused laminate panels are easy to connect, reconfigure and clean.  With several mounting options, Linking Panels can easily be secured and removed to your existing furniture without any damage or they can stay on as permanent protective gear.

Consultation Booths

We also offer Consultation Booths which work to keep you protected during conferences.  Consultation Booths  provide a protective conference area for frontline personnel in healthcare, retail workers, and customer service or reception representatives.

Consultation Booths - The Office Shop

COVID-19 has changed the workplace permanently.  These changes will have a lasting sway on how offices will operate for the foreseeable future.  The extensive changes have already begun in multiple industries and will soon be experienced by the masses, with Ford’s plan to gradually reopen Ontario’s economy. We will all see the work environment through a lens much different than ever before – a magnified one. Every company’s health standards will be examined with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the health and safety of people everywhere. Learn more about the Government of Ontario’s guidelines to prevent COVID-19: Preventing COVID-19 in the Workplace.

Premier Ford announced that some seasonal businesses and workplaces will begin to reopen beginning May 4th. These include construction, landscaping, car dealerships, self-serve car washes, garden centers, and more. In the coming weeks, more workplaces will reopen. Thus, preparing for the safety of employees and the public is of a matter of utmost importance.  As Ontario businesses begin to reopen, we must remember that COVID-19 is going around – physical distancing and sanitation are essential to keep the public safe. One thing is for certain: every company will need to redefine and strengthen the health and safety of their employees, and The Office Shop can help you. Call us today!


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