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Form and Function: Boardroom Tables

Feb 2 2014
Form and Function: Boardroom Tables

Form and Function: Boardroom Tables

When it comes to purchasing any furniture, the question that comes to mind is “form or function?”. Whether it is a couch for your house or a boardroom table for your office, it is important that the piece has great form and is functional. When it comes to commercial furniture, laminate tables are much less expensive than wood. Generally, laminate tables are basic and functional. However, if you have a larger budget, wood / veneer tables can combine both form and function. Read below for a reviewed list of laminate and wood boardroom tables.

1. Global Contract: Licence

The Global Contract Licence laminate series is perfect for a modest budget. The bases and shape of the tops are pretty basic but there’s a wide range of finishes to choose from, as well as boardroom accessories.

2. Global Contract: Descor

The Descor collection from Global Contract is reasonably priced and incorporates both form and function. This product is pretty sparse in design and the bases and tops are pretty basic. However the quality of the product is very good and looks great along side laminate or veneer.

3. Groupe Lacasse: Quorum

Quorum is another great option if you’re in the market for a laminate boardroom table. In fact, Quorum has many more design options to choose from. At The Office Shop we almost always have a Quorum model on our showroom floor.

4. Krug: Nuvo

The Nuvo boardroom table showcases both form and function. The table is very beautifully designed with many base and table top options. In addition, the table is available in laminate or wood veneer. In this way, you can afford this type of boardroom table with a modest or a large budget. The Nuvo boardroom table can also come electrified.

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