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Best Executive Seating Options

Mar 18 2014
Best Executive Seating Options:

Best Executive Seating Options:

Global: Triumph High Back Multi-Tilter

Our Review: The Triumph High Back Multi-tilter is very visually appealing. It is also very comfortable to sit on. The chair has lots of adjustments, allowing you to customize it for your body type. However, because it is a high back it is meant for taller people. The head rest, especially, is not comfortable for shorter people.

Global: G20 Mesh Back Chair

Our Review: The G20 chair is a pretty new chair to the Global family. The mesh back is very comfortable for any body type. In addition, the upholstered seat is a bit firm but molds nicely after you’ve spent some time in the chair. This chair gets my full approval, because although the back is rather high, it is comfortable for all heights.

Global: Loover Task Chair

Our Review: The Global Loover task chair is very uniquely styled. It is simple in design and yet very comfortable. This is the only chair available at Global that simply adjusts to your body type. This chair is also versatile for many body types because it is available in a number of styles and heights.

Global Contract: Murano Task Chair

Our Review: Although the Murano is very visually appealing and in fact looks quite similar to the G20 it feels completely different. I found that the upholstered seat was far too firm. I also felt that the plastic top of the chair dug into my head after some time. I would suggest this stylish chair for a boardroom, but certainly not as a desk chair.

Humanscale: Freedom Task Chair

Our Review: You may have noticed that we blog about this chair often. That is because this chair is stylish in design and also extremely comfortable. The chair is firm but molds very nicely to your body. The head rest is a great addition given it can be adjusted. However, you can also purchase the chair without a head rest, both are comfortable.

Humanscale: Diffrient Task Chair

Our Review: Once again this chair tops the list for most comfortable task chairs. Although it does not appear to be an executive or management style chair, the fact is that this is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. Similar to the Global Loover chair, the Diffrient Task chair adjusts with your body.

Krug: Dorso Management Seating

Our Review: The Dorso is the ultimate Management chair. The design is modern and very sleek. It is available in a low back or a high back so it is comfortable for people of different heights. The grooves in the chair also hit you in all the right parts.

Keilhauer: Unity Conference / Task Chair

Our Review: The Unity chair is versatile and can be used as a desk chair or in a boardroom; this is because of the variety of arm rests available. The Unity chair is unique in design and comfort. The sculpted back is extremely comfortable for most body types. It is also available with and without a head rest.

National: Journey

Our Review: If you’re in the market for a more traditional style executive chair, National is the place to look. This is just one example of the traditional chairs they offer. This chair is on our showroom floor and is exceptionally comfortable. However, it does not offer all the adjustment a more modern chair does.

Offices To Go: Ultra Management Seating

Our Review: If you’re office is budget conscious, this is a great management style chair. The Ultra is sleek and simple in design. It is also very comfortable and cushiony. However, similar to the National, Journey chair there are not a lot of adjustments.

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