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Reception Furniture Ottawa

First impressions do count! Your office reception area is the first thing that people notice about your business, and it speaks volumes about your company. Whether it is a local business that would like to go for small reception desks or a large corporation that is looking for elegant glass reception desks, The Office Shop offers a wide collection of customizable high quality and reception furniture in Ottawa.

A beautifully designed reception space with well-placed furniture is one that will subtlety impress all visitors. How would you like your reception space to represent you and your brand?

The Office Shop staff and designers can help you make a great first impression with a stylish, well-designed reception area that complements your work style; talk to our experts at 1-877-305-9955.

Let’s Build Your Dream Reception Space

Here are our tips to get you started when selecting furniture for your reception furniture:


If your business is a bank or a law firm for example, you may want to select reception furniture with stone and solid wood parts — which communicate a sense of permanence and heritage. For a forward-looking motif, a tech focused business may benefit from a reception area with a more contemporary design.


Each reception space caters to specific situations. In a medical office, for instance, people may have to wait for some time. In this instance, comfort may take precedence over aesthetics. For businesses with tight schedules and short wait times, reception area furniture with a stylish, but somewhat firmer back, may be the best choice. Many reception rooms are multifunctional, allowing employees to use them as working lounges to meet with clients or check messages.


It is necessary to evaluate who will use the place and how heavily it will be used. Will children be present in the waiting room? If heavy usage is expected, reception area furniture with durable and easy-to-clean laminate surfaces is ideal. Glass surfaces on reception area furniture that will experience less wear and are more suited to more professional clients.

Our Reception Furniture Selections In Ottawa

The Office Shop will strive to optimize the value you receive at each price point, regardless of the quality level your budget dictates. We will start by having our in-house design experts listen to your needs, model your layout, select a style and quality level, and combine your reception area furniture selections into a holistic design solution.

In addition to design and quality, we also evaluate usage patterns, traffic flow, and the overall message that your selections communicate in relation to your business industry and brand identity. Our design experts are glad to provide you with this service. We are eager to assist you in getting started!

Reception Desks

You need to make sure you add a welcoming entrance to your business. It is essential to have a welcoming space that is both comfortable for guests and exudes professionalism. A reception desk starter unit would be perfect if you don’t have much space in your reception area and want a small desk. However, if you have a spacious office, create a modular reception unit in any shape with a reception desk starter unit, a curved reception desk corner unit, and a return reception desk.

Many office receptionists handle financial transactions on their own, therefore, it is important to close off the reception counter’s entrance. The visibility of company documents in the reception area should also be considered. A square, oval, circular, U-shaped, or curved reception desk helps to create a secure and closed area for receptionists while protecting the privacy of your company documents.

Reception Chairs

Your receptionist will require an ergonomic office chair. Choose a sturdy, comfy chair for your receptionist as they will sit in it for about eight hours a day. Additionally, the welcome area will require visitor chairs. Choose seats that are both stylish and comfy while simultaneously being durable and simple to clean. Many people will sit on the chairs daily, so the seats should be easy to maintain.

The design of lounge area furniture may feature more focus points and groups of chairs facing one another that are arranged in circles or squares. A reception area with a more conventional design may feature rows of lounge chairs aligned with a more linear traffic pattern. The Office Shop has lobby area chairs that would suit both lounge seating and bench seating.

Reception Storage

The reception area requires storage to store office documents and other supplies. Filing cabinets and under-desk pedestals are functional solutions that can be concealed beneath the desk.

If the receptionist needs fast access to physical files, such as in a medical office, an office wall partition can be used to establish a storage room next to the reception desk that is immediately accessible to people working at the front. Reception area desks with built-in storage are advantageous for a receptionist who handles papers but needs access to fewer files.

Our reception furniture collection in Ottawa offers traditional and modern welcome area furnishings with multiple storage solutions.

The Office Shop Will Customize Reception Furniture For You

Project Based Quoting

Free initial budget estimate for fully furnishing your workspace to estimate the total project cost and evaluate project savings.

Space Management Consultancy

Personalized planning, space management, assessment budget development, project management, purchasing, and installation of your office furniture.

Choose Sizes, Color & Finishes

Select your desired style, colour, and size. We can make your perfect office a reality according to your specifications.

At The Office Shop, you can find an exclusive selection of modular furniture that can be used in myriad ways to enhance the reception area of any business. You will find reception furniture in an unrivaled range of sizes, styles, and colours, all at extremely competitive prices.

For further information on any of our reception furniture in Ottawa, please contact a member of our experienced staff at 1-877-305-9955 or

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Access Rehab Inc would like to thank you for furnishing our new clinic in Vaughan. It was pleasure working with the designer whose choice of colour is on point. The customer service and delivery was an excellent experience. I can see now why they are voted one of the top ten office furniture in Toronto. It was a very smooth and executed experience. I would highly recommend The Office Shop Inc.

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Connie Bonofiglio

I worked with DeAnna to purchase new furniture for my office and I could not be more pleased. DeAnna worked me with for several days to finalize the design and we received all our furniture in under three weeks! The delivery team was extremely kind and worked with us to ensure that the set up was exactly what we wanted. I am so happy with all of our new office furniture. I would definitely work with The Office Shop again and I would absolutely recommend them.

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Sadaf Tahriri

Franca and the team at The Office Shop provided a great experience for us as we purchased furniture for our new school spaces. They were patient and helpful and very hands-on as we made many decisions. Much appreciated!

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Kirsten Eastwood

So many thanks for Joanne’s great service. I feel my WRH life is much better. I love my new chair

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Kris Huang
We worked with DeAnna and she is absolutely amazing. Professional, knowledgeable, and very quick to respond. Their prices are also very competitive. Highly recommend this place.
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Mabel Lam

I ordered a home office chair. They are very patient. They are very knowledgeable on differences of chairs. Prices are equal to similar places.

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Brian Theimer

DeAnna Murphy and the entire Staff at The Office Shop are outstanding! They are responsive, professional, competent, and a pleasure to work with. I recommend them very highly! Dr Richard Leblanc

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Richard Leblanc

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