Watson Benching M2

The Efficient Open-Plan

For open-plan applications, M2’s space-efficient shapes and storage supported surfaces allow workstations to expand and contract as facility needs change. Designed to reflect the silhouette of MIRO, M2 is an ideal counterpart to the MIRO private office. M2 optimizes space in condensed footprints with 7o rectilinear shapes that shift the user away from the corner. Steel Viga tubular legs, an under desk pedestal, or brackets mounted to the side of a storage tower may be used to support a work surface. The ability to efficiently plan storage intensive spaces and configurations as small as 5 feet by 5 feet supports a variety of functional options at a cost effective price-point. The Jot Board and Tak Screen provide space division and promote task efficiency. Small, freestanding, collaborative round and square tables are welcome additions to private office or open plan M2 spaces.


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