Inscape Arrivals Benching System

Inscape Arrivals Benching System

Benching workspaces are ideal for work groups that benefit from interaction and collaboration, as well as for mobile workers who need a touchdown space. Inscape’s panel benching solution makes a strong, visual impact with vertical planes, floating tops and back-painted glass.

Inscape Bench has evolved to support a broader range of applications to meet the need for focus, collaborative and flexible workspaces. Inherent flexibility makes it easier to adapt as work environments change. With our new collection of Arrivals divider screens, freestanding tables and warm finish options, this modular spine-based platform offers more planning possibilities for open workspaces. Wood accents bring natural elements to the office while convenient power, personalization, privacy and well-being options keep everyone happy and productive. New options let you create an integrated aesthetic with our Arrivals Wing and Table collections.


  • Personalize your workspace with privacy options, storage, accessories, and height-adjustable worksurfaces.
  • Choose from a variety of convenient options for power/data access. Plus, with our Twin-Bin solution, mobile workers can plug in a device and lock it securely while away from their desk.
  • Arrivals Wing system offers open office workers an inviting place to escape for concentration or collaboration while addressing acoustic and visual privacy needs.
  • Stack-on components can be added to the bench spine to increase privacy or accessorization, or removed at any time with no downtime to the user.
  • Inscape Bench provides the unique option of adding electrical or manual height adjustability after installation – for any station within the cluster.
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