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Virtually everyone has experienced pain and discomfort after a long day hunched over the keyboard. That's because poor posture while typing has been known to cause neck pain and upper and lower back pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

The fact is, a keyboard placed directly on the desktop creates a number of injury risks. Not only does it force the user to lean forward in an unheatlhy, 'hunched-over' posture, it causes wrist anchoring and creates contact stress on the work surface. Plus, the potential benefits of many other ergonomic tools like a task chair or monitor arm are rendered useless.

Typing at a Negative Slope

Ergonomists agree that the healthiest typing posture is one that allows the wrists to maintain a neutral or slightly pronated posture at a straight or bent at a slightly downward angle. For that reason, each Humanscale keyboard system allows the keyboard to be positioned anywhere from 0o to a -15o angle. Our unique dial-a-tilt feature allows each user to note the angle at which he or she keys most comfortably, and the system repositions in seconds to accommodate new users.

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