How The Office Shop Approaches Office Furniture in Sudbury

Approximately five hours north of the City of Toronto, straight up the 400 highway, is the city of Sudbury. This northern city center first greatly rose in popularity during the 1880’s when construction of its first railway began. During the blasting and excavation process of building this railroad, large deposits of copper were found. This discovery immediately led to the growth and expansion of the Sudbury area as new immigrants from Europe flocked to the area to assist with the mining efforts. Both nickel mining and the lumber industry caused this city to flourish and unlike so many other Canadian towns, it managed to easily survive the Great Depression and continue to flourish afterwards.

During the 1960’s and  1970’s, Sudbury became a popular visiting place for the scientists and astronauts of NASA. This American Government facility performed training missions for the Apollo missions here in the Sudbury Basin, a two-billion year old crater that was caused due to a meteor impact. It is thought that the rock formations and ground conditions closely resembled those on the moon.

Currently, there are over 160,000 residents that call Sudbury home and this number continues to steadily increase. With all there is to do and see here, its no wonder that so many people are deciding to travel to Sudbury. From the nickel mines to the Big Nickel, all of the lakes and parks within the city, the Canadian Shield and the Creighton Fault Line, to the concerts, festivals and marketplaces, its no wonder that both tourists and residents alike, never seem to run out of things to see and do in this unique mining town.

Sudbury is made up of a very high French-Canadian population which plays a large role in the culture of the region and there is still a great number of First Nation inhabitants which have lived in this area of the province for as long as 9,000 years.

While nickel mining and the lumber and forestry industries are perhaps what Sudbury is best known for, this city has proven that it is also a forerunner in the manufacturing, technology and health science sectors. Sudbury also has a strong retail presence that can be found in its markets, shopping malls and downtown streets.

When looking to redesign your office space or when planning on opening up a new facility, there are many office furniture providers that you could choose from, however selecting a local company that knows your business and the area that you reside in is always the best choice. At The Office Shop, we know the city of Sudbury and the people who live here. Over the years we have been able to help numerous businesses in this area create the office space of their dreams, not only growing their sales but improving their image as well.

Office Shop, our staff pride ourselves on knowing exactly what the local Sudbury market is like and we know exactly what your business needs to grow and succeed

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs

The Office Shop is a leader in providing office furniture to businesses all across Ontario and especially in the Sudbury area. Our staff knows just how important it is to ensure that we understand the predominant businesses and unique industries in this area and what these businesses require in order to succeed. By focusing on getting to know our diverse clientele and ensuring that we do everything possible to meet our client’s needs, we can insist that your business receives nothing but the highest level of service possible.

The Office Shop has spent over twenty years learning all there is to know about modern office furniture and we make sure that all of our staff is kept up to date with the latest trends in furniture products. We want to ensure that all of our clients have both functional and visually appealing office workstations that make the best use of the space available and offer practical storage solutions.

We also take the time to visit your location, take all of the required measurements and listen as you describe your vision in detail. We work with you to make sure that we fully understand what you are looking for, and go out of our way to make your dreams a reality. Since we are not an e-commerce shop, you get the benefit of being able to work with real people, face to face and we are able to assist you in real time, in person. We know that online shopping is the way of the future and we offer a wide variety of online services through our website, but we also know that when it comes to giving you the service that you deserve, being able to meet with you in your space to personally design your new dream office, is of the utmost importance.

How The Right Office Furniture Provider Can Help Your Business In Sudbury?

An updated and well put together office, whether you require home office furniture or at work office furniture, is the key to ensuring increased productivity among both yourself and your employees. A proper workstation setup ensures that there is ample storage room to reduce clutter and provides an ergonomic workspace that is both comfortable and practical. Plus, when you update the look and feel of your office space, your clients will notice. Not only will they be greeted with a clean, modern aesthetic, the entire atmosphere will be transformed, reflecting just how professional and successful your business really is.

Having the right office furniture also allows for a safe work environment that takes the health and safety of your employees into account. At The Office Shop, we can offer both ergonomic and health conscious options that will reduce the spread of germs throughout the office and will reduce the incidence of workplace related injuries. A proper workstation can also assist in Increasing productivity by providing storage solutions that will eliminate clutter and help your employees stay focused on the task at hand.

Sudbury Office Furniture That We Offer