Office Furniture Ergonomics

Posted: June 10, 2013   Category: Design Center

Office Furniture Ergonomics

For a comfortable works pace it is important that you have ergonomic office furniture. In a previous blog we helped you find the perfect ergonomic office chair, now it is time for a desk, keyboard tray, task light, and perhaps a foot rest. Please read below for The Office Shop’s list of top ergonomic office furniture solutions.

L-Shape or U-Shape Desks

Many offices choose to incorporate L-Shape and U- Shape desks rather than single desks.

This is because they provide lots of work space, more filing and storage options, and an all together more ergonomic work environment. When it comes to choosing office furniture, it is important that your desk is adaptable and adjusts to the way your body moves. Take a look at the Global, Princeton collection for trendy and versatile office furniture options.

Keyboard Tray

Once all your office furniture is ergonomic, it is time to add accessories to your office space for maximum comfort. A keyboard tray is extremely vital for wrist comfort and prevention of joint and muscle pain. Keyboard trays must be adjustable and have padding and support. Allowing your wrists to rest firmly on the keyboard tray also promotes good posture. For a great keyboard tray options, check out Humanscale.

Task Lighting

Although it may not seem important on a daily basis, bright lighting in your work space can be beneficial down the road. If you notice you leave your office at the end of the day with burning eyes or a headache, lighting can help with both those discomforts. Try a Humanscale task light for an ergonomic lighting solution. We have discussed in a previous blog the importance of lighting. For effective and realistic lighting try cool shade bulbs that mimic day light.

Now that your work space is complete with ergonomic office furniture, check out ergonomic accessories on our website.


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