Office Accessories

Posted: November 9, 2013   Category: Design Center

Top 10 Necessary Office Accessories

1. Keyboard and Keyboard Tray

The most important accessory in your office is your keyboard and keyboard tray. Invest in something ergonomic that works with your desk chair. Check out Humanscale and Global for budget conscious options.

2. Ergonomic Monitor Arm

For those long and grueling days at the office, check out a Humanscale articulating arm that can be moved and adjusted to any angle.

3. Stapler and Staples!

Of course, this is an office accessory staple!

4. Paper Clips

Always important for large files.

5. Organizational Bins

I strongly believe that one of the most important things to keep you working hard is having a space for everything. No one likes to work a messy desk! Having bins for different purposes can be very helpful! Check out Global Contract for affordable storage options.

6. Calendar

Unless you have a personal assistant, it is very important to have a calendar on your phone or your computer or even an agenda book. This will be helpful for your business contacts and even for your social life! I personally refer keeping everything written down in an agenda.

7. Telephone with Long Cord

If you’re on the phone a lot, you’ll understand. Nothing is more frustrating than a short telephone cord!

8. Filing Cabinet with Filing Folders

The same way that organizational bins are important, so is having a filing system. Of course everyone is different but it is always important to have the basics. For cost effective filings systems check out Global Total Office.

9. Bottle of Water

Always keep hydrated!

10. Snacks!

Always keep snacks near by for those late nights.


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