Posted: November 21, 2012   Category: Brochures & Guides

Cite: A collaborative zone; every single day you face interaction. You get together with your co-workers and brainstorm idea and concepts, share projects and results. There is a lit of activity around you, this is why you need to define work zones where both teamwork and individual work can cohabit cohesively, where everyone finds their harmony.

This collection has a true modern and urban edge to it, with its translucent materials and aluminium accents. It also offers you a complete range of configuration options. This freestanding furniture system is, in fact, ideal for team based organizations. With Cite you can achieve this harmonious balance while increasing your teams effectiveness.

Responsive to current and future trends in organizational structure Cite offers you furniture that creates a true collaboration zone at the heart of your workspace. Everything was designed to enjoy an environment conducive to interaction, conversation and creation.

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