Teresa’s Autobiography, Project Manager, The Office Shop

My name is Teresa Casahonda and I am an account manager here at The Office Shop.

I have been working here since 2012. I earned an Interior Design 3-Year Diploma from the International Academy of Design and was the Fitwel Ambassador in 2018. I didn’t always want to work in this field, I wanted to be a writer. Alas, I love working at The Office Shop and I wouldn’t change it! At work, no day is the same, which makes each day an adventure. I have many responsibilities that require me to be in our showroom or venturing to various locations. For example, one day I have meetings in either our showroom or one of our vendor partners showrooms. While other days I meet with clients at their offices to do a consultation and take site measurements if necessary. There are also days when I attend networking events or seminars.

My workdays are never predictable, but I always get to spend time with my family who means the absolute world to me. Every day, I pick up my girls at school and bring them to their extra-curricular activities. I put away some time for myself every day to have tea time. I have become somewhat of a tea connoisseur ever since my first pregnancy; my favorite is Earl Grey which I sip as I listen to Andrea Bocelli. My alone time or tea time as I call it is important to me but I love being surrounded by my family. I cherish every moment of the evenings spent with my husband and daughters, I am always happiest when I am with them.

When I’m not working I love to spend my time cooking! I love to try out new dishes and I always put a twist on the recipe so that it is uniquely mine. I have become so confident in the kitchen that I trust my sense of smell and don’t taste a dish until it is on our plates. Seriously, I could recreate almost any dish without the recipe. Being in the kitchen, creating a dish that I know everyone will love brings me so much joy. I cook dinner for my family every night and I look forward to hosting dinner parties so I can serve as many people as I can! When I cook for my friends and family, their full plates and stomachs are my way of showing each person how much I care for them.

My family means the world to me, they are who I admire the most in the world. Especially my wonderful parents and in-laws who endured difficulties but managed to ensure we grew up loved and successful. I was born and raised in Mexico and my parents separated when I was very young. My mom raised my two siblings and I gracefully. My father lost his mother when he was a child and even with his father hardly present in his life, he was able to become a successful doctor in Mexico. My in-laws escaped Vietnam in the 70s searching for a better life. As refugees in Canada, they were able to thrive and be successful. Our parents are the reason my husband and I are who we are today.

I am very passionate about interior design, furniture, and organization in and out of The Office Shop. Walking into a blank canvas I can see its potential, picture how I can make it organized, and functional.  I enjoy interior design so much that when I am at home I love watching renovation shows;  it keeps my inspiration flowing all day long! I also have a great passion for sustainability, human rights, equality, and how our actions in the present will affect people in the future. I teach my daughters about these important topics by having open conversations as I try to lead by example.

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” Gandhi. I love that quote and try to live by it every day.