King City Township Public Library:

A vibrant community hub and centre for innovation

King City Township Public Library:

The newly expanded King City Township Public Library combines traditional resources and services with new and innovative features to provide something for everyone in the community.

An Inclusive Space for the Community

The expansion of the King City public library extends the footprint of the existing building from 7,839 square feet to just over 20,000 square feet. Elements such as a dedicated Maker Space for creative collaboration, quiet study rooms, iPad bar, a larger community room, and lounge areas for reading and relaxing, bring the library into the 21st century without sacrificing the traditional library features people loved most about the original space in the heritage building. “This library is a space for everyone in the community,” says the Library’s Manager of Community Engagement & Marketing, Kelley England.

She adds, “By functioning as both a centre of innovation and vibrant community hub, the expansion and renovation of the library ensures that services we provide remain inclusive, relevant, and reflect the growth and changing needs of the King community.”

Inviting and Comfortable

The building is strategically positioned on a hillside to enable a walk-out from the lower level. Wood, stone and glass were specifically chosen for the exterior to blend into the natural setting. Interior furnishings feature orange, blue and green textiles to mimic the colours of nature visible through the floor to ceiling windows. Explains Interior Designer DeAnna Murphy of The Office Shop,“The careful placement of richly textured textiles and finishes on the furniture brings a hug to the main level and makes visitors feel at home, and happy to stay as long as they want.”

A vibrant community hub and centre for innovation

“Public space is precious so what we do with it speaks volume about what is important to us as a community.”

Sylvia Pal,Chair,
King Township Library Board


In the Children’s Program area, bright colours and playful, nature-themed furniture are designed to ignite the imagination. As the space transitions into the teen and adult spaces of the library, the colour theme shifts from primary colors to deeper shades creating a more tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere. Careful consideration has been made to include opportunities for relaxation, activity, focus and collaboration. The use of lounge seating creates cozy places to grab a book and stay a while. Benching, meeting tables and collaborative tables support productivity for activitieslike research, study and collaboration with others. The innovative make-it lab is a hackable and flexible space for activities like crafts and other programming as well as providing access to a 3D printer.

Adds Murphy, “We wanted to create a place where everyone can come together, where they can have their own space and feel included and comfortable. We’re creating a really vibrant community.” Concludes Sylvia Pal, chair of the King Township Library Board explains “Public space is precious so what we do with it speaks volume about what is important to us as a community.”


Driftlounge seating
Kaden tables
Liteguest seating
Novellotask seating


Popcornguest seating
Riverlounge seating, tables
Swap tables
Windlounge seating, tables



Conference Room

Meeting Room



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