Groupe Lacasse Workstation Panel Base Nvision

Helping you get down to business

Demand flexibility. Face-to-face or back-to-back, planned meeting or quick chat—this versatile system sets up and reconfigures any number of ways for maximum efficiency.

Affording privacy at the center of all the action, Nvision’s tailored stations fit like a glove and provide an all-in-one solution that’s compact, efficient and affordable. Nvision’s discreet footprint maximizes floor space, while sleek and ergonomic work surfaces stand up to years of use. Plus, a vast selection of laminate finishes, drawer pull options, stack-on panels, frosted acrylic or clear tempered glass, and quality storage options in coordinating colors puts you in charge of design. Creating a distinctive and harmonized work environment has never been easier.

Simple, functional and handsome, Nvision is all about power. Offering unlimited networking capability, Nvision’s sturdy panels house multiple data cables and lay-in cabling, and feature easy-to-use, feed-through wiring access from wall, floor and ceiling positions. That means installation and office reconfiguration is always a cinch. Plus, putting you in charge, it guarantees a high-tech office environment that’s ready for business when you are.


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