Eco Friendly

Posted: June 3, 2013   Category: Design Center

How to be: Eco Friendly

In our world today being eco friendly is very important. Everyone, in their own way, is trying to help sustain the planet. Several furniture manufactures have tried to make it a little easier for consumers and businesses to be eco friendly. You may have noticed the Greenguard certificate popping up on some of your favorite furniture websites. This certificate ensures that the materials are eco friendly and have low chemical emissions. This allows your workplace to have cleaner air and your employers to breathe a little easier.

One of the most popular manufacturers and a factory known worldwide for being eco friendly is Global Total Office. Not only is Global making eco friendly products but they are also becoming eco friendly within their office. They have now cut down on packaging, they use recycled fabric, and they have largely cut down on consumption of electricity in the office and warehouse.

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