Krug Zola Privacy Lounge Seating

Krug Zola Privacy

One of the most beautiful and versatile seating systems ever conceived, Zola breaks new ground as a high-style, high-function solution for corporate, healthcare, educational and public spaces. With superb continuity and an extensive product offering, it seamlessly ranges from freestanding soft seating and tables to a wide array of modular and linked groupings.

Different upholstery materials can be specified in any combination within the same unit and configuration, allowing for a range of durability and aesthetics. Tables are available in veneer, plastic laminate, and Palette finishes – and an optional solid surface top

Zola is also built to last: its heavy-duty structure is designed for intensive use environments. When any component is damaged or degraded, it can be easily changed out on its own, instead of having to replace or repair the entire unit. Along with its use of recycled and recyclable materials, the replace-ability of components means Zola can provide exceptional long term value, and be an investment in sustainability.

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