Krug Revo Modular Boardroom Table

Krug Boardroom Table Revo

A longtime leader in sophisticated conferencing solutions, Krug now introduces Revo: mobile and modular tables with state-of-the-art technology interface, and materials of the finest quality and durability. For training rooms, class rooms or meeting rooms, Revo Tables are laden with features to make these spaces the high-performance, yet easy-to-use environments they need to be. Revo is made with recycled and recyclable materials, providing credits on LEED projects – and can be specified with materials to comply with FSC and indoor air emissions certifications.

Tops are available in plastic laminate, thermoformed seamless vinyl, and wood veneer, in a wide range of standard and custom sizes and shapes. There are a range of options for work surface plug-in connections, and the flip-down modesty panel provides easy access to cabling troughs that continue through the legs and to the floor or wall. Tables can be daisy-chained, and feature 8-wire and 4-wire electrical systems – or modesty panels can be non-powered. C- and T-legs, flip tops, folding legs, and nesting capability are also included, making Revo one of the most complete solutions for meeting spaces.


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