Global Contract Evolve Systems

Evolve is furniture that fits your work style and your budget.

As your business grows, Evolve grows with you and adapts to changes within the workplace. Evolve’s simplicity and flexibility help to keep your long-term costs low. Evolve is furniture you can afford to complete your office environment.

Furniture for today, flexibility for tomorrow. Evolve’s Panel System creates a sense of openness without sacrificing individual space or storage capabilities. Shared workstations promote collaboration and reduce the overall footprint.

The Evolve Panel System can be stacked and switched for maximum flexibility and effortless reconfiguration. Evolve also integrates ňúplug and play’ connectivity at the worksurface and offers proven wire management to meet your power and data needs. Cost-effective planning is made easy with Evolve’s range of ergonomic worksurfaces and practical storage options.

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