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Standing Desk

Jul 1 2014
Standing Desk

A big new trend in office furniture has been the sit & stand desk. This is a desk where you may adjust the height of your desk. This type of desk may come in a manual style or electric. This style desk is quickly sweeping the nation. It is helpful for people with disabilities as well as people who just generally like to stand. It is also proven to be good for your health! Please read below for more information on the sit & stand phenomenon.

Why Stand?

Recently in the news there has been a back lash towards the ergonomic chair revolution. For many years office furniture companies have showed us the great reasons why to own an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs provide great support but also move freely with your body. However, more recently we have learned that sitting can be extremely harmful to your body. In fact, a recent study has compared sitting 8 hours a day to smoking! In addition, recent studies have proved that your body does not function properly while you sit. Carbohydrates and sugars are not broken down well when your body is in one position for the greater amount of the day. Therefore, office furniture companies have very recently began booming with a sit & stand desk. By standing at your computer, not only will you bodily functions improve, but so will any back, neck, and leg pain. For anyone who practices yoga, this is how The “Wired” Blog explains how to stand properly at a sit & stand desk. Remember to have head over heart, heart over hips and hips over feet. Of course, make sure that your computer is at eye level.

It’s Not Just About Standing?

Above we described the downfalls of sitting for too long. However, we haven’t necessarily described the downfalls of standing. Purchasing a sit & stand desk is more about movement than just standing in one spot. I am going to go ahead and say that standing in one spot, heavy on your feet and sinking into your lower back, can be just as bad as sitting for eight hours a day. I think it is important, while standing, to feel out for some organic movement. Some techniques you could try are bending and stretching your knees, swaying from side to side, and rolling your neck from one side to the other.

Why Not a Fixed Height Desk?

Purchasing a fixed height desk may be tempting given that the cost is less. However, it is important to remember that standing all day isn’t good for you either. While standing at a fixed height desk you might be tempted to grab a seat. Ergonomic stools are far and few. It would be our advice to go with an adjustable desk, whether it be manual or electric. Of course, electric height adjustable desks will be more user friendly. This way you can purchase a ergonomic chair at a reasonable price and use it when you need it.

Good luck with your search for a sit & stand desk!

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