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Home Office

Sep 10 2013
Home Office

The Home Office

How to make it an effective workspace

To some folks the home office is an important space. Whether it is doing office work, paying bills or doing homework, the home office must be equipped with versatile furniture. In many job positions today, office work is almost guaranteed to be brought home. Furthermore, there are many job positions today that are designed for the employee to only work from home.

If you’re home office is mainly used for paying bills and catching up on housing expenses a glass desk may be an option to consider. Glass desks are fashionable and minimal in design. For brands that don’t break the budget check out Nuevo and Sunpan Imports.

If you often work from home make sure to invest in a solid, durable desk for those long grueling days. Wood desks may be a bit pricey but they are guaranteed to last. For wooden desk ideas, check out Global Contract and Gunlocke.

While designing your home office, it is important to consider your children. To make this space kid friendly, try having your desk equipped with a monitor arm. This will make it easily adjustable for adults and children. Also, try incorporating built ins to your workspace. This not only gives the feeling of a larger space but gives you lots of storage. FUNTIP: If built ins are not an option, try colour laterals!

The home office is an important space in the home. This is a space for adults and children to escape for some quiet time. I’m sure for many parents the home office is a space to get lost in. To prevent late nights in the home office make sure to put up pictures of family and friends.

Lastly, it is always important to have a good ergonomic chair. For chair ideas check out our Blog on Ergonomic Seating.

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