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Great Office Design Tips

Aug 17 2013
Great Office Design Tips

Great Office Design Tips


Just as zoning is important in a city setting, consider your office broken down into zones as well. Although open concept is the new it thing in offices, it is important to have some sort of separation. For example, in our office, all the sales people sit in one area while the designers are slightly off to the side with a small panel separating the two sections. Also consider having a lounge type area where employees can chat or eat lunch. Having a separate area to relax and unwind will help with the flow of creativity at the desk.

Keep things Tidy

We believe in this theory at The Office Shop. Make sure that no matter how messy your desk gets throughout the day to clean it up when the day comes to an end. Having a messy desk causes for employees to be unorganized and make mistakes. If you always rush out of the office at 5 o’clock try cleaning up after you finish a project.

Communal Space

If your office is built for meeting with clients, make sure there is space for these meetings to take place. Whether it is a boardroom table or a lounge area, clients will be more settled and open to talk if they feel comfortable. This philosophy also works for employees. It is important to have a space large enough for all employees to sit together and chat about work or even other topics.

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