Groupe Lacasse Concept 300 Office Desk

Concept 300. Value designed. Value engineered.

Concept 300 is a new office collection which combines style, flexibility and effectiveness at highly competitive prices. Lacasse furniture constitutes a reference with respect to durability and reliability, and Concept 300 is no exception! Thanks to its extensive component portfolio, Concept 300 allows you to create small touch-down offices to highly efficient work environments no matter the available floor space.

Concept 300 brings you sturdy one-inch thick work surfaces in high performance thermofused laminate, a choice of five finishes and of two styles of handles as well as a purely distinctive look with horizontal wood grain. Concept 300 also includes a standard two-tone application.

With the numerous components of the Concept 300 collection, you can design your own personal workspace, no matter the size. Go for it: make your own plan. Possibilities are limitless! Why not get a desk featuring a pedestal with inner drawers? Practical and elegant, the pedestal features a full-height front which conceals a box drawer as well as a file drawer, an original design worthy of Groupe Lacasse



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