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Rebooting the Workplace

Rebooting the Workplace

For months, working remotely due to COVID-19 has been the safest option for office workers as guided by the government. Now, as many businesses are slowly getting ready for the ‘new normal’ of workplace distancing, to ensure the safety of all workers, safety measures must be in place. This ‘new normal’ requires us to change […]

Covid -19 Products

Covid -19 Products

Over the last few weeks our worlds have been flipped upside down by the effects of covid-19. In this ever changing environment the need for protective equipment has drastically increased. With shortages of faces masks and personal protective equipment healthcare workers have been left to make do with what they can. Other efforts to create […]

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Quorum Multi-conference is where everything fits together, this is where you brainstorm, this is where you decide! Your conference room must be open for discussion. The outcome of a modern vision of what furniture should be, the Quorum Multi-conference collection redefines the word ‘Versatility’. Our conference tables are completely adaptable to new office technologies and […]

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Introducing G20. Advanced ergonomics. Aesthetically refined. Technically Superb. Check out G20 brochure, Technical Information

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Cite: A collaborative zone; every single day you face interaction. You get together with your co-workers and brainstorm idea and concepts, share projects and results. There is a lit of activity around you, this is why you need to define work zones where both teamwork and individual work can cohabit cohesively, where everyone finds their […]

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Inspired by Zen philosophy Quad breathes harmony and sophistication. Its straight lines give it a unique architectural style. With the option to mix and match the various components you can create different volumes and fully personalize your workspace. With Quad, you can build your own inspired and inspiring work where everything comes together perfectly. Practical […]



With its clean modern form, Ionic is able to support a wide range of workspace applications. From private offices to collaborative spaces, boardroom or reception areas, Ionic offers practical solutions for today’s ever changing office workplace. Ionic is built to last- true commercial quality and attention to detail at a very affordable price. Whether you […]